• Metal Detection

    We offer a range of industrial digital metal detection solutions for the textile and sewn product manufacturer, fulfilling a variety of needs – not only to protect consumers from dangers of broken needle contamination in garments, footwear, soft toys, home textiles, baby and other products, but also to safeguard the retailer against financial loss due to product recalls, legal claims and adverse publicity.

    On order to protect a hard-won brand reputation, It is essential to install the correct type of metal detector, at the right location in a sewn product manufacturing process within the supply chain.

    NEEDLE DETECTORS: Suitable for sewn product with or without metal attachments, zips, rivets . Detect ferrous-only contaminants – broken needle fragments, pins, staples, shards of knife blades from cutting, stapling, carding, knitting and sewing processes:

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    METAL DETECTORS: Suitable for sewn products WITHOUT any metal components. Detect all types of metal contaminants non-ferrous

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